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Blooms Taxonomy: A teacher's alternative?

Bloom's Taxonomy: A teacher's alternative? Everything you need to know about the hierarchy.

Complex Sentences: A teacher's guide

Complex Sentences: A teacher's guide to introducing sentence comprehension tasks in the classroom.

Twinkl teaching resources: A teacher's guide

What are Twinkl teaching resources and why are they so popular in school classrooms? A teacher's guide to all things Twinkl.

Jean Piagets theory of Cognitive Development and Active Classrooms

What is Jean Piaget's theory of Cognitive Development and what are the implications for creating active classrooms?

Numicon: A teacher's guide

What is Numicon and how does it help children to understand mathematical concepts?

Extended Mind: A teacher's guide

What is the extended mind and why is it important?

Metacognitive Strategies in the Classroom

Introducing metacognitive strategies in your classroom: A teacher's guide.

A teacher's guide to SOLO Taxonomy

What exactly is the SOLO Taxonomy and how is it different to the Universal Thinking Framework?

Teaching and Learning INSET days

Why do we need to rethink teaching and learning INSET days and how do we promote teacher professional development?

Developing critical thinking skills in the classroom

How do we promote higher-level thinking and reasoning in the classroom? Teachers guide to critical thinking.

Let's talk about Schemas

Piaget believed that children actively construct knowledge through their interaction with the environment. So it's very important for the child to be interacting with the environment in order to construct knowledge about the world.

The Importance of Wellbeing in International Schools

Institutional approaches to encouraging student well-being should be implemented in international schools, but they can often be limited by unfamiliar cultural norms.

Metacognition enhances fluid intelligence

Metacognition is an essential element of reasoning and problem-solving. It is what allows people to reason deeply and effectively in a wide range of situations, from problem-solving in math class, to problem-solving in a meeting.

Ofsted: Past, Present and the Future

What is Ofsted? This blog post explores some of the key facts about Ofsted and provides some insights into the recent changes of the 2019 inspection framework.

The Curriculum for Wales

A teacher's guide to the Curriculum for Wales.

The Link between Structural Learning and Understanding

Using Writer's block for developing understanding.

Supporting Longer Written Answers in Biology

Scaffolding essay writing using writer's block.

Building better sentences

Building better sentences with Writers Block.

About Me

Paul Main

Paul set up Structural Learning to help students process information more effectively. Prior to setting the organisation up Paul worked with NFER (Futurelab), Teachinghow2s and Open Futures. Cognition is a fascinating but complicated area that inspires Paul to understand more about how our minds work.