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Paul Main


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Ofsted: Past, Present and the Future

This blog post explores some of the key facts about Ofsted and provides some insights into the recent changes of the 2019 inspection framework.

The Curriculum for Wales

Paul Tyack explains the implications of the impending changes to the Curriculum for Wales.

The Link between Structural Learning and Understanding

Shereena Badu explains some of the theoretical background of Structural Learning and how it can be used to develop a depth of understanding.

Supporting Longer Written Answers in Biology

Do our learners need time to play with new ideas and do secondary students still feel that they can, indeed, be playful? Heather Garland explains how her research project used Structural Learning to support the development of biological and writing concepts.

Building better sentences

"The results clearly show that improvements were made in specific writing domains, both ‘Connectives’ and ‘Sentences’ were areas in which these specific students improved. Furthermore, deeper analyses show 92% of pupils made improvements in the writing domain ‘Sentences’ and 58% of pupils made improvements in the domain ‘Connectives’." Rob Francksen

About Me

Paul Main

Paul set up Structural Learning to help students process information more effectively. Prior to setting the organisation up Paul worked with NFER (Futurelab), Teachinghow2s and Open Futures. Cognition is a fascinating but complicated area that inspires Paul to understand more about how our minds work.