School Supplies: A teacher's guide

Paul Main

There are many vendors out there who can supply your school with the latest equipment, we outline some of the most popular ones.

How do you source School Supplies?

How do schools procure the equipment that they need to deliver an effective education? Depending on what country your school is in, we are going to provide some of the most popular suppliers we have researched. The school supplies industry includes companies that perform individual and merchant wholesale distribution of school materials and supplies. This allows the school supplies companies to lead the way in empowering inspiring spaces where learners feel safe and inspired to study and grow. And to successfully makeover not just classroom spaces but students themselves. Equipment for schools can be expensive and with limited school budgets (and limited time to make effective decisions), teacher resources need to be considered carefully. Popular products on the market can demand quite high pricing and when you factor in premium memberships and delivery, the costs soon mount up. Below is a list of some of the most valuable school supplies companies across the globe.

Wishing Well

Wishing Well ™ offers an easy way for all teachers to make a wish list of all the vital school supplies and get them fast! It is run by Really Good Stuff, LLC, which is not a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. It is a for-profit organization and your purchase wouldn't be tax-deductible. It is easy to place an order. Simply browse and create a wish list, receive your goods. Using a single app, teachers can easily create a wish list and share it with potential donors. Due to austerity on schools, donors may provide money for school supplies and help teachers to purchase various educational products and talk with them in the app. Considering the budgeting challenges schools teachers may utilize Wishing Well, which is entirely inclusive of each education program. Here, everyone is welcome to enhance the education of our youth including private and public schools and their teachers, early head start and head start, PTAs, school-wide campaigns, religious affiliate education programs, daycare centers, after-school programs, Girls and Boys Clubs and many more.

School Specialty

Established in 1959, School Specialty is the notable provider of educational ecosystems to teachers across North America. There is just one purpose of the company – to help learners succeed. School Specialty claims to create HOLISTIC ENVIRONMENTS, from curriculum to crayons, technology to furniture, their exceptional breadth and depth of school supplies build a space that helps students to grow physically, mentally, and socially. They’re passionate about ensuring a bright future for each child. To School Specialty, success means building environments to maximize student outcomes. And they don’t seem to stop until achieving it. The right selection can improve much more than a cafeteria, commons, or classroom. So, browse the below link to access product details of the most inspirational and recommended school supplies.

Writers Block Mind-Mapping Kit
Writers Block Mind-Mapping Kit

Supreme School Supply

Supreme School Supply aims to develop long-standing partnerships with schools and print buyers across America by supplying a large selection of classroom, office and school printed supplies. The company claims to make prompt estimates, flawless products, and in-time deliveries. Supreme School Supply has been serving both public and private schools for more than 55 years by delivering printed office forms, class record books, student assignment books,  student progress reports, calendars, student cumulative record folders and lesson plan books and other printed documents at school at affordable prices. If their ready-made stock is not sufficient to satisfy your schools' needs, you may contact them to place an order of custom printing, as they would print any item in any quantity at a competitive price. Supreme School Supply aims to continue to invest in innovative technology and take pride in gaining customer satisfaction and promoting the well-being of its employees.

CM School Supply

Founded in 1972 by an elementary school teacher, Jacqueline Rajcic, CM School Supply has been a successful family-owned educational supply company with a huge selection of school supplies and educational materials for ages ranging from early education years to the 8th grade. They claim to own fun and innovative superstores across California where they provide a featured collection of core schools supplies such as colouring pencils, classroom furniture, storage options, students dramatic play clothes, blocks and manipulatives and much more; and customer service one may always count on. You may simply visit their website, access the product code or product name and place an order online. Also, you may call any one of the stores to get permanent or temporary access to the offered product details and place an order.


Established in 1954, the Lakeshore ® school supplies team has thrived from its very first brick-and-mortar store to a prominent creator and seller of top-quality school supplies for early childhood education to elementary schools and homes across the country. The company continues to discover new areas of business, recently introduced the latest furniture line for the elementary schools, and developed a Complete Classrooms® service in collaboration with nonprofit organizations and school districts to design, deliver and install cheap school supplies and customized learning materials for the entire classrooms. While ensuring quality and safety, Lakeshore ® experienced record growth year after year. Today, they are a thriving e-commerce business, with product details catalogues, a national sales division and 60 retail stores nationwide.

Structural Learning

We had to include ourselves, didn't we? Although we don't supply a large amount of equipment to schools, our products and services have a universal appeal that means they can be applied in many different ways within the classroom. We don't supply school stationery bundles backpacks or offers on school science equipment; we are primarily focused on how teachers can design and deliver more effective curricula. You can find product details on the various pages of our site. We are for mainland delivery and international delivery so please feel free to have a good look around our shop and wider site.

The Universal Thinking Framework
The Universal Thinking Framework


Student Supply

For over 40 years, teachers, students and PTAs across the country have counted on Student Supply as providers of school supplies for a wide range of top sellers and exciting products. Great values and quality products such as custom imprints, educational toys, motivational school tools, school classroom organizers, drawing style classroom accessories and writing tools, Student Supply has earned personal connection with thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.

International Schools Services

International Schools Services provides a way to access a faster, straightforward, and worry-free way to procure cost-effective high-quality K-12 school supplies from 1,000+ vendors around the world. International schools services serves to fulfil schools' needs suitable for every school budgets for playground equipment (from swings and slides to play systems, and even playground balls, to keep your students active), digital and technology equipment (from digital cameras and scientific calculators to tablets and laptops to support innovation and analysis), textbooks (to fill your libraries with the textbooks for reading minds), musical instruments (from orchestra instruments to band instruments including trumpets, percussion sets, recorders, cellos, violins, and everything to create a full musical choir), Science laboratory equipment (from test tubes to beakers, to microscopes, handy pack of measurement devices and safety equipment), art supplies (From sculpting and painting, to A4• Multi-Punched• Pack and general art supplies etc), uniforms and sports equipment (from swimsuits and goggles, to basketballs and soccer balls, volleyballs, cricket bats and high quality pack of sports equipment to support all levels of sports teams and physical education programs), school furniture (from lab benches to desks and even school sanitary products and hostel dorm room supplies), a wide range of cutest style school stationery & supplies (from A5 document wallets - pack to fantastic pack of colouring pencils, jazzy pencil case, school lunch boxes, notebooks, black brush pens - pack and wallets - pack for secondary and primary school pupils) and a lot of other suchool supplies to help with maintenance and building materials for new campus furniture and fixtures. In short, International Schools Services claims to provide full furniture to promote 21st-century education design.