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How does Hegarty Maths help students understand number concepts?

What is Hegarty Maths?

Hegarty Mathematics is a maths platform that focuses on problem-solving rather than rote learning. Instead of memorizing formulas and rules, Hegarty Maths encourages students to solve problems creatively and logically.

This approach is based on the idea that children learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process. As a result, Hegarty Math is used in classrooms worldwide. Hegarty Maths is an online platform for all ages of students that helps pupils practice math problems and to test their math skills.

Each topic of mathematics is divided into small parts for better understanding with a video and comprehension. Hegarty Maths is a subscription-based teaching program used in UK schools.

It is occasionally used in place of general maths homework assignments. Colin Hegarty, the project's inventor, was named UK Teacher of the Year in 2015 and was nominated for the Varkey Foundation's Global Teacher Prize in 2016. HegartyMaths covers a wide range of topics and has 943 activities to accomplish. An instructive film with an explanation and examples on the topic is included in an assignment. Following that, there is a quiz to take with topic-specific questions.

The site is routinely updated and new topics are introduced to stay current with the GCSE mathematics curriculum. Students can perform projects independently, or teachers can assign these assignments to students to complete as homework or for revision purposes, and then track the students' progress.



History of Hegarty Maths

The founders of this maths platform started off by making YouTube videos for students. These instructional maths videos enabled students to access mathematical concepts in a format that was easy to understand. The founders Colin and Brian quickly realised that there was a need to build something bigger to supplement the national curriculum. Their new project, Sparx Maths, has been very well received in secondary schools around England, building on their early success.

  • Colin Hegarty and Brian Arnold, co-founders and teachers, founded Hegarty Maths.
  • They started making videos on YouTube in 2011 for math homework and revision. 
  • Because the videos were publicly available on YouTube, students from all across the country and the world began to use them as well.
  • Colin earned £15,000 from the education charity SHINE in 2012 through its Let Teachers SHINE competition to create a website to host the videos and create further content.
  • The original website, which went up on July 12, 2013, was called mathswebsite.com. It was created to provide free math videos to help pupils revise and is still available today.

Colin Hegarty was originally a maths teacher
Colin Hegarty was originally a maths teacher

How do teachers benefit from Hegarty Math?

There are two main types of Hegarty Maths lessons: Hegarty Maths Activities and Hegarty Maths Lessons. Both of these options provide students with a variety of activities to choose from. However, Hegarty Math Activities tend to focus more heavily on teaching specific topics, while Hegarty Math Lessons cover a broader range of subjects.

Time-saving tool

  • Using the heart math tool teachers can set personalized and comprehensive work from their mark book.
  • It is a time-saving tool as it saves 200 hours of teachers per year.
  • After the students have attempted that work, the teacher can easily view all student's results.
  • The teacher can then help the students to focus on their mistakes and misconceptions by giving them feedback to improve their math skills.

Covering all the curriculum

  • Hegarty math is an online tool that is carefully designed for teachers and students in a sequenced and connected manner.
  • It covers the curriculum of math with a number of practice exercises, quizzes, videos, and comprehension.
  • So it is a comprehensive tool for teachers that they can use to improve the math skills of their students and class.
  • It contains all the mathematical content with 600+ videos and 40,000+ questions which students and teachers can easily access.

Tool for improving results:

  • Hegarty math mainly focuses on cognitive science that makes quality teaching and personalized learning possible.
  • New material is explained with references to provide ease to teachers and students.
  • All skills are demonstrated through minimally different and carefully scaffolded work.
  • Teachers can revisit any concept and help students to get deliberate practice over time to improve working memory and confidence

Boost student grades through flipped learning

This tool helps the student to boost their grades as this tool provides personalized intelligent practice. Teachers can use this tool to improve the math skills of their class and thus help them to boost their grades. Hegarty Maths can also be used to assist 'flipped learning,' allowing students. It helps to improve their abilities in preparation for a class test. The teacher can also offer a lesson to support students in applying those skills to application questions and problems.


  • This program includes individualized and personalized algorithms that assist and challenge all children.
  • This tool also saves teachers time and, most importantly, allows teachers to maintain control.

Monitoring student progress in Hegarty Maths

Tracking student progress for teachers and parents is straightforward in Hegarty maths. Parents receive notifications when the children are engaged in an activity, and this helps everyone keep to deadlines. Class students can use the platform to complete homework assignments and engage in retrieval practice exercises.

  • Watching the videos and attempting the quiz ensures that your student and class will do well on the quiz and feel confident about their learning and math.
  • This tool doesn't let your students feel isolated at home, and the videos will provide you with the assistance they require when their class teacher is unavailable.

Aids memory:

  • Copying down modelled examples assists your student and class in remembering their math and storing it in their long-term memory.

Method marks:

  • Copying down modelled examples allows your student and class to practice how to properly lay out their arithmetic
  • And help them get questions right and extra method marks in exams even when they make mistakes.

Thorough revision:

  • This tool provides help in the revision of a number of mathematical problems.
  • When revising, one must sometimes go over stuff that they already know - this is just as important as learning new things because keeping old learning solid prevents pupils from losing things.

Helps in building independent learners

  •  It is a vital tool since it promotes independence in your child.
  • Practicing arithmetic at home with these healthy habits and strategies will help your child become more independent and capable of learning on their own (an important life lesson).

Hegarty maths student dashboard
Hegarty maths student dashboard

Hegarty Maths and the National Curriculum

All of the materials are aligned to the national curriculum which makes studying for GCSE maths a lot more manageable. All importantly, the video lesson tutorials created by Hegarty Maths are based on the UK National Curriculum. Students studying at Key Stage 3, GCSE, and A-Level are able to use the website as a supplement to the coursework they cover in school, which is one of the main reasons for the website's success.

If students are struggling with Maths in school, they can use Hegarty Maths at home to top up their knowledge and work through specific examples. The maths video tutorials are also useful for students who may have been off sick and missed a few weeks of school. Because Hegarty Maths covers all topics within the National Curriculum, students can easily catch up on missed work in the evening or at weekends thanks to the website's resources.

Technical considerations of Hegarty Maths

HegartyMaths is mobile responsive, thus it will operate on any device with a good internet connection and a reasonably recent web browser. It works with PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. For maximum performance, a tablet screen size or bigger is ideal, as many of our questions include detailed images that may be difficult to read on a phone screen size.

It is also recommended to use Chrome as a web browser because it is the most compatible with our platform and HegartyMaths does not yet have an app version.

  • This tool is very easy to use and class students can easily access it on an online website. The interface is easy to navigate and doesn't take long to find what you're looking for. The design will particularly appeal to students who need to find Maths solutions quickly.
  • Have a look around the Hegarty Maths website for yourself and see how it can be easily accessed and well-designed.

What age does Hegarty maths cover?

HegartyMaths is a program designed for KS3 and KS4 students in the UK. Students in Years 10 – 11 need to complete a minimum of two tasks a week on Hegarty Maths in addition to their written homework set by their teacher. To log on, students need to know their first name, last name, and date of birth.