Purple Mash: A teacher's guide

Paul Main

How can teachers use purple mash software to create engaging learning experiences?

What is Purple Mash?

Technology is an integral part of modern life, and it has had a massive impact on education. It allows children to explore their creativity and expression in a whole new way and primary school children can learn in a playful and engaging way. With some great resources and activities, teachers can help pupils to achieve success in any subject.

Purple Mash is an award-winning cross-curricular website that has been developed with the primary education sector in mind. It offers a wealth of resources that can be used in a fun and creative way by teachers. The website is well-mapped to the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish primary curricula, making it easy to find the activities that apply to your class.

Purple Mash covers exercises and lesson plans for English, Maths and Data Handling, Coding and Communications. The different activities on the website can be used in school or at home, and they aim to improve teaching efficiency, build student knowledge, and reduce teacher workload.

Purple Mash can be accessed on a laptop, iPad, Chromebook, desktop or an interactive board. Purple Mash benefits all the participants in the education process. Teachers can use the site to plan their lessons and share ideas with colleagues. Students can access the site to learn new skills and develop their understanding of the curriculum. Parents can also benefit from the site as it provides them with information about their child’s learning.

Purple Mash resources for Teachers

Teachers love Purple Mash because it saves them time and gives them the confidence to teach in different ways. The scheme of work is step-by-step, so it’s easy to follow, and the online tools are always up-to-date and constantly improving. The help videos are handy if teachers ever get stuck. Overall, Purple Mash is an incredibly valuable resource that teachers can’t live without.

Moreover, it's easy to assess the progress of the students using the accompanying full assessment framework. Resources like ready-made lesson plans, curriculum maps, school schemes, video lessons and CPD (continuing professional development) activities, spelling and supplementary resources for every area of the curriculum are just a click away. Plus, it's a straightforward task to assign certain activities as homework for students.

Purple Mash Schemes Of Work

This full scheme of work provides a clear pathway for teachers to follow, from Reception through to Year 6. The step-by-step lesson plans included in every unit make it easy for non-specialist teachers to deliver the computing curriculum.

The assessment framework included in the scheme of work makes it easy for teachers to assess the progress of learners in computing. Whether you're a new teacher or an experienced educator, you'll find all the resources you need to deliver the Purple Mash Computing Scheme of Work here.

Also included are teacher videos to empower less experienced educators. These videos cover everything from how to set up the Purple Mash website to how to use the assessment framework.

Curriculum Maps

Each unit includes a detailed curriculum map, which shows exactly what will be covered in each topic. This helps teachers plan their lessons efficiently and ensures that children receive the right amount of content.

Purple mash software navigation
Purple mash software navigation

Purple Mash Computing for Primary School Children

Are you looking for resources that will help you teach any subject successfully? If so, Purple Mash has you covered. It includes a range of exciting activities and resources that will help you to achieve success in any subject.

The Publishing Projects are perfect for any subject. Besides writing prompts and word banks, these activities contain success criteria that will help you create perfect leaflets and postcards.

If you're looking for a way to use technology with confidence in any subject, you'll appreciate the lesson plans, curriculum maps, whole school schemes, and video tutorials. A free version of the spelling scheme of work is also available, as well as an online spelling test that automatically marks itself.

Open-ended tools allow children to create expressive multi-media stories, role play as an astronaut, design a space station, and explore the world around us.

To integrate learning at school and home, Purple Mash offers a range of games that support the SPAG curriculum. These games are mapped to the curriculum, so children can practise what they have learnt in maths and English. They are also captivating, so children will want to keep playing them to see what happens next.

Don't wait any longer--download the schemes of work, and start achieving success in any subject!

Embed Outdoor Learning

Would you like your pupils to learn in an engaging and exciting way? Well, look no further than Purple Mash's range of outdoor learning resources.

Outdoor learning has been a more engaging way of learning for pupils – as it allows them to be more hands-on with their learning, and to build teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Purple Mash has a range of resources to support teachers in embedding outdoor learning into their curriculum. From activities to stimulate exploration and discovery, to resources that can be used in the classroom to build on learning, we have something for everyone. The resources are conveniently categorized into spring, summer, autumn, winter and all-year-round activities.

Computational thinking in purple mash

Remote Education Support

If you are a teacher who wants to offer remote classes, then Purple Mash is the perfect platform for you. With the in-built task management system, 2Do, and many powerful educational resources, there is no limit to what you can do. In class or for homework, you can choose among the many ready-made resources on the platform or create your own differentiated activities. You can give feedback to dozens of students efficiently, from the comforts of your home or classroom. The digital display boards make it easy for you to share work with your students, and their secure closed-circuit email system ensures that communication is always safe and secure. So if you are looking for a platform that will make remote education easy and affordable, then Purple Mash is the perfect choice for you.

Using Purple Mash at home

Parents of children enrolled in online classes often face challenges when it comes to managing and supporting their child's education. One of the most important things parents can do to support their child's education is to use tools like the Purple Mash Parent Portal.

Parental support is vital for the success of remote education. The Purple Mash Parent Portal makes it easy for parents to keep track of their child's assignments, get feedback from their teachers, and stay up to date on their child's progress. In addition, they can also see the wonderful creations of their children. Purple Mash also sends parents a newsletter that's packed with tips and tricks to help them manage their child's education better.

Students enjoy Home Access to their learning materials. Home Access comes free with their account, and students need a login access, which they can request from their teacher (or school).

FAQs about the learning tools

Does my school's MIS system have the capability to create Purple Mash logins automatically?

Yes, your school's MIS system will automatically create Purple Mash login for you.

Children can access Purple Mash at home using the school URL, their username and password. Schools usually supply this information as printed cards. If not, students could request the school for the same.

How to download Purple Mash?

Since Purple Mash is a browser-based service, to access it, you need an active Internet connection. For offline usage, you may download printable worksheets.

What is the cost of Purple Mash?

The cost of Purple Mash ranges from £450-£950 per school, depending on the number of pupils enrolled. Additionally, there is a one-off joining fee of £150, and an additional £150 for each additional year for subscription. There are also 1.5 hours of CPD included with a subscription.

The Serial Mash add-on, which provides digital fiction books and guided reading resources, is available for an additional £200 (excluding VAT).

How can teachers learn more about Purple Mash?

To learn more about Purple Mash, please check out the official website, join their Facebook group, follow their Twitter feed, and read their blog.

What types of training are available to the school and teachers?

Purple Mash provides in-person training at schools; for locations where in-person trainings are not viable, live interactive sessions are offered. They also conduct regular ongoing webinars. Plus, they have a well-written support portal and helpful tutorial videos.

Concluding thoughts for Class Teachers

Purple Mash is an incredibly valuable resource that class teachers can't live without. The scheme of work is easy to follow, and the online tools are constantly improving. Help videos are great if they ever get stuck. The resources include ready-made lesson plans, curriculum maps, school schemes, video lessons, and CPD (continuing professional development) activities, spelling and supplementary resources for every area of the curriculum. It's a straightforward task to assign certain activities as homework for students. Overall, Purple Mash is an invaluable resource that saves teachers time and gives them the confidence to teach in less restrictive ways.