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How are schools using MathsWatch to advance pupil progress?

What is MathsWatch?

MathsWatch is the complete online math platform that makes learning available to your students 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Around 2000 schools in the UK use MathsWatch. And it has over 1.5 Million users around the world. MathsWatch has various services that range from tutorial videos to thousands of questions for the students to solve. The best part is that MathsWatch is beneficial to teachers as well as students.

There are clearly significant benefits to moving certain types of learning onto digital platforms and mathematical work is clearly one of them. The ability to submit questions and receive instant feedback enables learners to act on immediate feedback. This type of assessment for learning can only be delivered by a machine and in this article, we will look at how MathsWatch delivers both instructional content as well as assessment.

MathsWatch is created by a UK company MathsWatch Limited in collaboration with Duo Design.


What does MathsWatch offer?

MathsWatch provides high-quality videos covering every math topic. These videos, prepared by highly qualified math teachers, provide comprehensive mathematics content that covers all key stages of mathematics. Linked to each full-length video will be a 1-minute video. These summarise the video into the key learning points. These are very helpful for a quick revision.

Students also have access to a set of interactive questions and a printable PDF worksheet that they can complete offline.

MathsWatch also offers homework-setting tools, modelled exam series, self-marking questions, printable worksheets, RAG analysis of assignments, Live data stats, students’ progress reports, and a lot more.


How Teachers Use MathsWatch

In MathsWatch’s online subscription packages, teachers can set assignments. They can choose from thousands of exam-quality questions. They can choose from standard or more tough questions.

All of these questions are automatically marked online by MathsWatch’s little marking box. Once you have set the questions and the students have attempted them, at a glance you can then analyse the performance of the class. Also, the teachers can get a clear performance overview of each individual student within their classes. The teachers can also set assignments for individual students. MathsWatch will automatically mark the answers by students.

MathsWatch Screenshot
MathsWatch Screenshot

What Sets MathsWatch Apart

In MathsWatch, the assignments and worksheets that students do will be automatically marked. MathsWatch’s award-winning algorithm is the only one in the market that does so. It reduces the workload of teachers as they do not have to evaluate each student’s answer sheet individually. But they can go ahead and see the students’ answer sheets and give them marks for the working-out part as well. This is what truly sets MathsWatch apart from others.

In MathsWatch, teachers can mark the working-out part as well as the final answer, just like an examiner would. MathsWatch allows the teachers to view individual homework once the students have submitted them. The teachers will be able to see the actual answers the students have left for them. And if a question’s answer is wrong, the teacher can see where the student went wrong and instruct them accordingly.

Also, from the class view, the teachers can also download an individual RAG analysis of any of the individual homework set by them. Here, they can see the breakdown of the scores for all of the individual questions.

Do you have to pay for MathsWatch?

With MathsWatch, students are able to work independently. There will be a record of their success on their profile. From the ‘My Progress’ view, students can see a record of all the independent activities they have completed. Seeing this will motivate them better.

Price packages and bundles

MathsWatch comes in subscription packages where schools can subscribe to its services. MathsWatch comes in various packages for various types of schools. The price range is:

  • £100 + VAT for the primary level
  • £150 + VAT for AS-level
  • £150 + VAT for KS3 (Year 7-9)
  • £375 + VAT for GCSE (Grades 1-9 (England) Grades A*-G (Wales))

They offer the following bundles as well.

  • Bundle 1 - GCSE + KS3 for £450 + VAT
  • Bundle 2 - AS-Level + GCSE for £450 + VAT
  • Bundle 3 - AS-Level + GCSE + KS3 for £500 + VAT

This is considerably a cheap price and works for 50p per student for an average-size school. Prices only apply to schools/colleges and not to private tuition centres.

Answers in MathsWatch
Answers in MathsWatch

Where can we get MathsWatch?

You can get the service of MathsWatch on your mobile, tablet or laptop. It can work on any device. MathsWatch has been designed to be optimised to work on a range of devices, both large and small. The platform is fully responsive (adapts to any screen size) and looks consistently good on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

MathsWatch’s service allows teachers, students and parents to access the MathsWatch resource 24/7. We can seamlessly access it from school or home.

Logging into MathsWatch

You can log in to MathsWatch via the

If you are a student, once you log in, you will be able to see all the tasks assigned to you by your teachers. There will be three tabs.

  • My Work: ‘My work’ will show any work that has been set for the student by their teacher.
  • Videos: ‘Videos’ allows you to search for a short video to watch.
  • Extras: ‘Extras’ has some information and tips on how to use the website.

Click on ‘Videos’ and select GCSE or KS3. Or you can search for topics that are a certain grade. Once you have selected the clip that you want to watch, you can play the video. The video will explain the topic, give examples, and give some questions to have a go at.

There are also these useful tabs on the website.

  • One Minute Maths: Here you can watch short 1-minute tutorial videos which are good for a quick revision.
  • Interactive Questions: In this section, students can answer the interactive questions online and be evaluated to give instant feedback.
  • MathsWatch Worksheet: The worksheet tab opens a file with a worksheet on the selected topic. The students can print this out and work on the sheet itself, or work on their exercise book.

Questions in mathswatch
Questions in mathswatch

Benefits to Schools and Teachers

The schools/teachers can upload students into MathsWatch, automatically placing them in classes. After you have set MathsWatch up for all of your students, MathsWatch tremendously reduces the workload of the teachers.

You can:

  • Create assignments by choosing from thousands of pre-created questions provided by MathsWatch.
  • Set Homework, Tests and Intervention Assignments with deadlines and time limits.
  • MathsWatch will automatically evaluate all assignments.
  • You can see a quick review of marks on a per class, student and question basis.
  • Download colour-keyed spreadsheets to quickly highlight struggling students.
  • You can also have administrative control of school, class and student details.

You can also have administrative control of school, class and student details.

Disc Format

MathsWatch videos are also available in DVD format for GCSE, Key Stage 3 and Primary levels. You can order it from their website:

MathsWatch Awards and Recognition

MathsWatch has received several awards for its algorithm design, which makes the marking procedure more realistic and effective. These accolades include:

  • Winner of the Digital Business of the Year–Small of the year 2017
  • Winner of the BigChip award of the year 2017
  • Finalist in ERA (Education Resource Awards) in the year 2019
  • Finalist in Bett Awards in the year 2018

These awards not only highlight the achievement of MathsWatch but it also is proof of their quality and dedication.


Remote learning has become very common in this post-pandemic world. This allows each student to have a quality education no matter where in the world they are. This allows teachers to make use of electronic methods instead of standing in front of a board with a piece of chalk. And when we explain the study topics to the students using images and animation, they will understand and retain the information better.

MathsWatch is doing exactly that. MathsWatch benefits the students, teachers and schools equally. It allows you to have a more efficient and more advanced learning environment. With MathsWatch you can choose to give your students the best learning opportunity.


How to login to MathsWatch?

  • Go to
  • In the webpage, you can see a prompt for a username and a password.
  • Your schools have already assigned you a username and a generic password. Each school has a different format for username and a different password.
  • In the designated boxes, enter your Username and Password
  • And click log-in button
  • You have now logged in, and you can see the tasks set for you by your teacher

How to reset your password? 

Go to the MathsWatch login page and enter your username. MathsWatch will send an email to your college email (or school email address) account. When you click the link in the email, you can set a new password. 

How to complete homework on MathsWatch?

  • Go to
  • Log in with your username and password. You will now be able to see the tasks set for you by your teacher. Click one to begin.
  • Click the ‘begin homework’ button or on the numbers on top to answer each question.
  • Enter your answer in the answer box and press ‘Submit Answer’
  • Click on the + button to enter mathematical symbols.
  • Once you are done answering every question, click the yellow ‘return to assigned work’ button. Your teacher will see the results and comment on each question where necessary.

How to find answers in MathsWatch?

The best way to find out the answer to a particular question on MathsWatch is to ask your teacher. If you are struggling with a question, or answer it wrong in a test, you can take it to your teacher and they will help you with it. Another option is to check your textbook. But the book may not always have the answer to that question in it.

How to edit MathsWatch answers in a PDF?

To edit your answers in a PDF document, you could use a service like DocHub. Simply, import your form and use their tools to highlight text, insert pictures, checkmarks, and signs, and modify your answers.