Develop metacognition with Structural Learning

Take classroom learning to the next level

Find out how our metacognitive resources remove barriers to learning and add extra challenge to the curriculum.

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What resources does your school get?

Graphic Organisers

Scaffold higher-order thinking with specially designed frames and guides.

Learning Skills Framework

Develop and reinforce lifelong learning skills and behaviours.

Thinking Framework Resources

Plan learning activities that really stretch your students.

Research Digests

Supply your staff with visual summaries of the classroom ideas that matter.

Talking Toolkit

Advance oracy skills by placing an emphasis on classroom dialogue.

Writer's Block

Show children how to build knowledge and develop writing skills.


We develop independent, metacognitive learners who can think for themselves. Find out how resources and staff development can advance educational outcomes in your school.

What staff support do you receive?

After an initial launch session that will provide your colleagues with some practical classroom ideas, we then help you formulate a plan to embed the resources across your school. All the strategies are designed to enhance the delivery of your existing curriculum. Member schools can choose how and when run their CPD support and it usually involves these familiar formats.

Structural Learning
Staff Meeting
Approximately One hour
Online or in person
For schools that need an overview

An engaging presentation on a key theme for your staff

Try out the tools and frameworks

Understand more about the research

Structural Learning
Between 2 and 3 hours
Online or in person
A deeper look at how the resources can be put into action

An in-depth workshop covering practical applications of the resources

Tools to take back to your classroom

Structural Learning
Full-day Inset
Between 5 and 6 hours of delivery either in person or split over two days online
For schools that are developing a new strategic direction

An interactive day of activities and presentations for all of your staff

Opportunities to talk through ideas and make curriculum plans

Structural Learning
Research into Practice
Four 2 hour sessions delivered over an academic term
These sessions are designed to monitor the impact

A series of sessions that enable staff to create lasting change

Dig deep into learner needs

Create evidence-informed strategies and measure outcomes

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"The Universal Thinking Framework is a way of helping students organise their thoughts, think critically about a problem, reach a conclusion and have faith in that conclusion.

What's your school priority?

Utilise the membership resources to address your immediate school focus.


How can schools develop a culture of reflective, independent learning?

Critical Thinking

How can we encourage our students to work at a greater depth?

Critical Thinking in the ClassroomExplore
Rosenshine's Principles

Discover practical ways to implement the iRosenshine Principles of Instruction.

Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction CourseExplore
Whole-School Literacy

What strategies can we embed to develop reading and writing?

Literacy developmentExplore
Inclusive Learning

How can we reduce barriers to learning and provide greater access to education?

Formative Assessment

Why is Formative assessment such an integral part of the learning experience and what practical activities can teachers utilise?

School Membership

Sensible pricing for every school

Our annual school membership offer means that your classrooms have the tools to plan, deliver and assess classroom thinking and learning.
Membership Enquiry
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What's in your school membership?

School memberships are calculated on the size of your school

£4 per pupil per year

Minimum of £400 and a maximum of £2500 per school.

Structural Learning
Structural Learning

Curriculum Support Materials

Structural Learning
Structural Learning
Structural Learning
Structural Learning
Structural Learning

£199 per pack

Physical Cards

£5 per pack

Professional Development
Structural Learning

Access to all of the of the CPD Modules and induction sessions

Structural Learning
Structural Learning

Various options available

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Interactive Guide Builder

Structural Learning
Structural Learning

User Created Thinking Guides

Structural Learning
Structural Learning

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Structural Learning