Thinking our way through the curriculum

Our workshops and courses provide staff with access to the key ideas that drive cognition and learning. The professional practice program gives staff the opportunity to purposefully innovate with new learning tools in a friendly, supported way.

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Meaningful Teacher Development

The cognition workshops and professional practice program will help your school make the long-term changes that lead to sustainable improvements in learning outcomes. On it's own, traditional 'Inset' based PD has very little impact on student outcomes. Our design thinking mantra enables teachers to make the changes they want to see.

Professional Practice

Sustainable professional practice

This Proposal dives into the detail of the R&D project.

Accessible Resources

Easy to grasp evidence

Changing the way we engage with evidence.

Easy-to-follow Format

Research into Practice

Step-by-step program for sustainable change.

Staff Meeting
Approximately One hour
Online or in person
For schools that are interested

An engaging presentation on a key theme for your staff

Try out the tools and frameworks

Understand more about the research

Between 2 and 3 hours
Online or in person
For schools that want to learn more about cognition

An in-depth workshop covering practical applications of cognitive science

Tools to take back to your classroom

Full-day Inset
Between 5 and 6 hours of delivery either in person or split over two days online
For schools that have a strategic focus

An interactive day of activities and presentations for all of your staff

Opportunities to talk through ideas and make curriculum plans

Research into Practice
Four 2 hour sessions delivered over an academic term
For schools and teachers that are making changes

A series of sessions that enable staff to create lasting change

Dig deep into learner needs

Create evidence-informed strategies and measure outcomes

PD Topics

All of our workshops are built on a solid evidence base.

Embodied Cognition
Working Memory
Sequencing learning
Long-Term Memory
Critical Thinking

'Hands-on' Workshops

Choose topics that are most relevant to your learners needs. This growing selection of courses will support your staff in getting the most out of your new classroom tools.

Who's engaged in our program?

Have engaged with Structural Learning
Have used our tools
Are running research, seminars or programs

Professional Practice Program: FAQ's

How do we embed evidence?

We have found that small 'modules' of professional development embedded into the program help staff to reframe their classroom practice.

What is design thinking?

It's basically practical problem-solving. We carefully unpick student need and then use this to design different learning experiences. We help you unravel classroom complexity into actionable steps.

What year groups is this for?

We have teaching staff from EYFS all the way up to KS5. The cognitive principles are universal and can be adapted and applied across concepts, topics and age groups.

How much does this cost?

It depends upon the size of the project. We want to make sure that your investment in resources is well utilised. Please talk to us for a quote.

How is it delivered?

For the R&D project, at least 4 twilight sessions will need to be allocated over an academic term.

What support is available?

An R&D launch meeting gives staff the opportunity to 'play' with new tools and ideas. The teachers research journal simplifies the design thinking approach into digestible steps.

Sheffield Hallam University
University of Worcester
Birmingham city
Bite-Size CPD

Evidence Informed CPD Themes

Need to get your staff thinking differently about learning? We run short, sharp 'perspective shifting' sessions on all things cognition and learning.

Critical Thinking

Arrange a time to talk

If you're curious about this approach and want to find out a little more before you make any decisions then give us a call. If you prefer, you can send an email to: