Read Write Inc: a teacher's guide

Paul Main

What is Read Write Inc and why has it become so popular in Primary Schools?

What is Read Write Inc?

It is very rare that we come across a primary school teacher who has not heard of Read write Inc or indeed the work of Ruth Miskin. Her contribution to the teaching of the English language has been remarkable. Her training and resources are used in many educational establishments including international schools. The Ruth Miskin training company offers regional training options around the United Kingdom.

Her online training package became increasingly popular during the pandemic. The training days are suitable for any schools that are embracing the Read write Inc resources. The bite-size training films provide teachers with easy to access teaching resources. Oxford Owl for school are the publisher behind the operation and they have done a great job of streamlining the products and services into primary schools. As well as providing a comprehensive online training subscription, Ruth Miskin also provides in-school training and individual staff training. This sort of support is important for any school embracing a new educational product. Making the purchasing decision is easy, getting staff on board is usually the challenging part. However, with the ongoing training options on offer, primary schools will always be in good hands. The training content depends upon which program a school has opted in for. Currently, Ruth Miskin training offer:

1) RWI Phonics

2) RWI phonics fast track tutoring

3) Phonics for nursery

4) Fresh Start

5) Comprehension

6) Literacy and Language

7) Spelling


Getting going with Read Write Inc

The resources are not just aimed at mainstream schools, many special schools take advantage of the packages as their materials offer extra scaffolding for learners that need extra support. An international school can take advantage of the remote sessions which previously would've had to have been facilitated in person. The online training package supports teachers to develop their classroom practice with easy to follow films. This excellent training resource means that teaching staff can see how the program resources from Oxford University press are utilised in a classroom environment. The training content is easy to digest as the majority of the resources are delivered visually. After doing a quick search for what schools are using this resource we realised that it was indeed very popular. Many schools have linked the resources to the homepage including:

1) Riverley Primary School

2) Abercerdin Primary School

3) Athelstan Primary School

4) Chapelfield Primary School

5) Dovecotes Primary School

6) Furrow Community School

7) Holy Family Catholic School

8) Baldersby St James CE School

Using the Read Write Inc Resources

The read/write ink practice sheets enable children to develop fundamental skills in a friendly, supported way. The various activities for phonics practice means that school teachers will always have plenty of resources to deliver their English curriculum. We know that consistent practice is an important part of learning and Ruth Miskin training have built this into their programs. The materials are designed to develop habits for practice which in time, develop automatic responses. The independent phonics practice quizzes make retrieval practice engaging. Tests and quizzes can sometimes seem laborious but turning them into engaging exercises means that even handwriting practice is well-received. Schools are encouraged to build in practice sessions into everyday school life. Oxford Owl for School (which is part of Oxford university press) are currently running a back-to-school discount for their various comprehension resources (correct as of September 2021).

The Phonics subscription within Oxford Owl includes:

  • Display files for classrooms
  • Films to maintain one-to-one instruction 
  • Print assessments
  • Babble word banks 
  • Direction on developing handwriting
  • Storytime and Poetry

Read Write Inc Books
Read Write Inc Books

What about the Read Write Inc Programs?

The central focus of the organisation is a literacy programme. This complete literacy program enables schools to develop the fundamental skills needed to become an effective reader and writer. Some schools just use the phonics programme but many opt-in for the reading programme as well. What is clear is that Oxford University press are focusing on developing a dynamic whole-school literacy programme that can be embraced by schools around the world.

Read Write Inc resources
colourful Read write Inc resources


Read Write Inc at home

The resources also include products for parents. This enables schools to continue their work at home by using tools such as a parent guidebook and parent tutorials. This type of whole-school approach means that children can be supported throughout their journey in school and at home. The parent tutorial videos enable guardians to understand the principles behind the program so they can support their children when learning from home.

If your school is interested in developing deeper comprehension and clearer writing we thoroughly suggest you have a look at the resources within our block building page and graphic organiser repository.