Educake: A teacher's guide

Paul Main

How are schools using Educake to advance their student's learning with quizzes?

What is Educake?

If you're a teacher or parent, you know that revision is essential for keeping students on track and ensuring they achieve their academic goals. But what if revision was fun, easy, and stress-free? That's where Educake comes in.

Educake is an online assessment and revision platform that helps students, aged 11-16, meet the national curriculum of England. Educake offers multiple subject areas, including science, English, geography, history, computer science, physical education, and mathematics.

With Educake, teachers can assign homework and classwork, and then track students' progress using online formative assessment. Students can also access Educake on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and enjoy it as a homework helper.

The multiple award-winning program, Educake, is being used by over half a million students in the UK. Educake is also being used by multi-academy trusts (MATs) and has extra features built for them.

How Teachers Use Educake

Teachers have long been frustrated with the time to create homework tasks and mark them. Educake has solved this problem by creating a platform that allows teachers to create homework tasks in minutes. This is valuable time that can be used more effectively in other areas of the curriculum.

Educake is an online test maker that uses a database of about 30,000 question specifications mapped to answers. It allows for automatic marking and accepts misspellings. Over 10,000 science questions are available in Educake. Most questions require students to write out one to three-word responses, and some are multiple-choice. 

Another time-saving feature of Educake is the ability to plan and mark homework tasks in seconds. This means that teachers can spend more time teaching and less time marking. This also allows teachers to get a better understanding of the student's learning and to plan more effectively.

Darren Arbon of St Paul's Catholic College, Burgess Hill remarks, “The three best things are the instant feedback for students, the ease of setting tests, and the help and customer support with quick responses to any queries.”

Charlie Tibble at St Wilfrid's, Crawley said, "“Our students like Educake because they can work independently and at their own pace. They get immediate feedback and a chance to improve their knowledge by repeating tests.”

One of the most valuable features of Educake is the ability to gather data and insights about the students' learning. This data is collected using an adaptive learning algorithm. This algorithm helps to identify the students who are struggling and to provide them with targeted support.

One of the most important aspects of a successful education is the ability of the students to learn independently. Educake provides teachers with the ability to create their own questions and to use the quiz results page to identify the students who are struggling. This allows teachers to focus their attention on those students who need it the most.

Educake also provides feedback on the students' performance so teachers can provide better analysis and feedback.

Schools can use the Whole school analysis to compare classes and schools. They can also use the individual student analysis to help them understand how each student learns best.

Educake teacher dashboard
Educake teacher dashboard

Educate for Students

Students can use Educake to access exam boards such as KS3 Science, GCSE AQA Science, GCSE Edexcel Science, GCSE OCR Gateway Science, IGCSE Cambridge Science, IGCSE Edexcel Science, GCSE WJEC Science, GCSE CCEA Science. The subscription includes English and Maths.

Each board has its own set of revision materials, which are designed to help students learn and revise in the most efficient way possible. This way, students can focus on the material that applies to the exam board they are studying.

Besides revision materials, Educake also includes personalised quizzes. These quizzes help students gauge their knowledge and skills, and provide instant feedback if they get answers wrong.

Plus, with the Track Progress page, students can see their strengths and weaknesses, and focus on what they need to improve. To take your learning on the go, students login at or download the app from either the App Store or Google Play.

A student from Barclay Academy, Stevenage, Hertfordshire said, Ï think Educake is a very good resource. I use it for science work, and it is very fun. My favourite bit is the Educake Smart Assistant, as it recommends tests based on your strengths and weaknesses."

Educake at Home

Parents are always looking for ways to help their children learn and improve their academic performance. One popular way to do this is through home schooling. However, this can be expensive and time-consuming, which is why many parents turn to Educake. Educake is an affordable and convenient way to help your children learn.

Educake provides regular progress updates so parents can be reassured that their children are learning the right topics. Self-set quizzes help children learn and remember the material they are studying. online homework is also a popular feature of Educake. This allows children to complete their homework from the comfort of their own home. Last, high-quality homework is provided by educake, so your children can be sure they are receiving the best possible education.
Educake student dashboard


Subscriptions for English, Science and Maths each cost £880 a year (plus VAT), while Geography, History, Computer Science and Physical Education each cost £550 a year (plus VAT). Discounts are offered when schools subscribe to more than one subject. All subscriptions offer unlimited teachers and unlimited students. The 30-day trial is also available.

Educake Support

If you're a teacher, parent, or student using Educake, you're covered! The online help centre is packed with help articles on subscriptions and payments, managing accounts, and more. Plus, there are free resources - worksheets, posters, activities - just for you.

If you need advice or guidance - Educake's team of experts is available 8-5 UK time, Monday to Friday, to help you out.

Data Security and Privacy Policy

Educake is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your data. They have a well-documented policy for handling serious incidents like data breaches and store personal data on servers in data centres in the UK, provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS data centres comply with the international information security standard, ISO 27001.

Educake fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European Union regulation also adopted by the UK.
Science quizzes in Educake


In conclusion, Educake has been developed with teachers in mind, but it’s also perfect for students looking to revise their work before exams. With over half a million users in the UK, Educake offers a range of features designed to help students study effectively and efficiently. Whether they're preparing for end-of-year exams or simply trying to improve their grades, Educake will give students everything they need to succeed.


What are the questions in Educake like?

Educake offers a wide range of question types so your child (or students) will be prepared for any exam. Based on the exam board selection, they will be shown the right questions. 

Educake has all the answers to help you prepare for your child's exams. There are multiple-choice questions and questions that require students to explain their answers.

How to sign in to your Educake account?

Teachers can sign in at

Students and parents can do so at

Students can use their email address to sign in. Alternatively, they also can use their existing Google or Microsoft account.

How much does Educake cost?

Educake pricing starts from £550 a year (plus VAT) for each subject, for unlimited students and teachers. Please refer to the Pricing section above for detailed information.

Who created Educake?

Educake was founded by Charley Darbishire in 2011 in Oxford, Oxfordshire.

How do you get started with Educake?

You can start using Educake by using their sample quizzes or starting a fully functional 30-day free trial.