MyMaths: A teacher's guide

Paul Main

How are classrooms using MyMaths to help their pupils develop number concepts?

What is MyMaths?

MyMaths is an interactive online school subscription with lesson plans and homework service, from Oxford University Press, designed to promote pupil engagement and develop primary maths and secondary maths knowledge

MyMaths provides comprehensive mathematics content across all key stages, including Key Stage 2 to GCSEs and A-Level. The course material supports teachers in delivering a range of curricula, including the National Curriculum (Eng), Curriculum for Wales and Class MyMaths.

MyMaths acts as a vital link between school and home, empowering parents to keep an eye and support their child's progress, and improve their fluency in maths. 

MyMaths offers a range of resources, including hundreds of customizable lesson plans, homework activities, games, videos and assessments. The content is organised into different subject areas such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, probability, calculus, linear algebra, number theory, data analysis, programming and much more.

Over four million students use it each year in over 70 countries. MyMaths found, based on interviews with teachers, that the resources saved between 15 minutes to 5 hours a week for teachers, with the average at 2 hours – greatly reducing the teacher workload

How MyMaths Benefits Primary Schools and Secondary Schools

MyMaths operates a subscription-based model, where schools must purchase subscriptions to access the service. Students can log into the website using their school account, and teachers can create student accounts to monitor progress and grades.

  • Hundreds of interactive lessons providing step-by-step explanations to break down learning into bite-sized pieces.
  • Online homework assignments where pupils can see the homework task they have been set and the date when it is due—right in their online student portal. They can then rate their understanding of the resource and see feedback from their teachers in the pupil portal.
  • A powerful management tool for teachers to track individual pupils' progress, monitor and assess class performance, allocate specific curriculum matching work, and leave comments encouraging pupils.
  • Booster Packs contain additional exercises that focus on specific topics that require further reinforcement. These packs are ideal for targeting key areas of the curriculum as well as providing support for summative assessments.
  • MyMaths games motivate pupils to develop their understanding of maths skills whilst enjoying themselves.
  • Plenty of material for KS2 SATs revision and supplementary assessment 
  • Revision and assessment activities to support GCSE and A Level Maths
  • In-school training and support to ensure that teachers learn how to use their resources most effectively.

The subscription cost is £370 +VAT per annum for a primary school, while the secondary school subscription is £650 +VAT per annum. 

Mymaths assignments
Mymaths assignments

Great for Schools Undertaking Remote Teaching

Remote teaching is becoming increasingly common in schools around the world. This means that teachers may teach classes on computers or tablets instead of sitting in front of a desk with a chalkboard.

MyMaths offers a range of tools to equip teachers in such a situation: 

MyMaths offers a platform where schools and teachers can easily manage their students and communicate with them using messaging apps. 

The curriculum selector tool that allows you to select the topics that you would like to cover with your students. This way, teachers can set up consolidate their lesson plans quickly. 

Other resources include videos, articles, webinars and technical support. These resources are available to you 24/7. 

MyMaths meets the list of remote expectations for schools in England, as set by DfE. 

Mymaths screenshot
Mymaths screenshot

Benefits of MyMaths for Students

MyMaths is a great way to motivate children who struggle with maths. It provides them with a fun and engaging way to learn the basics of arithmetic.

The app includes games, quizzes, videos, animations, and interactive activities. These features help children develop their mathematical skills, and they're accessible for all ages and ability levels.

Students can use MyMaths to learn basic math facts, solve problems, and complete exercises. They can also create their own challenges and share them with friends, and gain a wealth of practice. Since schools provide highly visual student resources, MyMaths helps students understand concepts more clearly.

Teachers can use MyMaths in the classroom to reinforce learning and encourage children to practise their maths skills outside school hours. 

Parents can use MyMaths at home to support their child's development and to keep them motivated.

MyMaths' unique approach to teaching maths makes it ideal for all ages and abilities right through to A-level.

How Do Teachers Use MyMaths

MyMaths supports teachers by providing them with all the tools to run their classrooms effectively. It includes everything from lesson planning (to match curriculum objectives), assessment to grading and reporting.

The features of the complete series of the KS3 curriculum include: 

  • Problem-solving exercises, creative ideas for teachers to incorporate problem-solving into their lessons, a must for success at higher level mathematics learning.
  • An assessment is a banded system of descriptive terms (developed, secure, and mastered) used to measure attainment with level reference points provided.

The dashboard provides teachers with a real-time overview of their students' performance. Teachers can quickly identify which students need extra help, and then tailor their teaching accordingly.

The dashboard also lets teachers keep track of individual students' progress, monitor their progress towards reaching their learning goals, and allocate specific curriculum matching work.

They can also leave comments to encourage students to stay motivated and engaged in their studies.

MyMaths offers an array of features to work with a range of students to enhance the overall classroom experience. 

Parents Can Help Their Children at Home

As a parent, you can check your child’s progress when they log in from home. This means that you can see if they are having difficulty with a particular concept, or if they are making steady progress.

Your child can access all lessons and activities within MyMaths using their tablet or mobile device. They can complete lessons and activities at their own pace, and then view their results immediately afterwards.

When your child completes an activity, they receive immediate feedback on whether they got it right or wrong. If they did well, they can choose to repeat the activity again, or move onto another lesson. If they didn’t do so well, they can review the activity and try again.

If your child needs extra support, they can contact their teacher directly via the chat function. The teacher can then give them additional help. 

Accessing MyMaths

To access the MyMaths website on an iPad, you will need to download the free Puffin Academy app. Android tablets and mobile devices are also compatible with MyMaths.

Mymaths Search
Mymaths Search


Is MyMaths free?

MyMaths is available to students whose schools have a paid subscription to MyMaths. Schools can evaluate the MyMaths service – either Primary Schools version or the Secondary school version – for a short duration for free. 

What is the difference between MyMaths and MyiMaths?

MyiMaths is a completely free, interactive maths resource that allows teachers to deliver the same high quality teaching materials as MyMaths, but in a way that is tailored to the needs of international students. It includes a range of activities, games, videos and animations that are relevant to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A level, whereas MyMaths largely incorporates the British Curriculum

Can I use MyMaths outside of the UK? 

Yes! MyiMaths has been designed specifically for international schools following a non-British curriculum.

Is there an app for MyMaths?

There isn't an app for MyMaths. However, the MyMaths service can be used on tablets (like iPad) and mobile devices through the browser (Chrome, preferred).

How can a parent whose child's school does not use MyMaths benefit from MyMaths?

MyMaths offers a wealth of downloadable worksheets that parents can use it home, even their child's school does not subscribe to MyMaths. You can download them at the OxfordOwl website.

Parents and carers also benefit from a dedicated support site that provides information about how to get started, what resources are available and how to make the most out of MyMaths.

Does MyMaths offer any other resources?

Yes! MyMaths provides several useful tools for teachers, including: a dedicated support site, curriculum selector, primary curriculum support, secondary curriculum support, webinars, remote teaching support, Teacher Dashboard, reporting and results, and more. 


There are many resources available to teachers working with EYFS, Primary and Secondary school students. MyMaths is a great platform for teachers who want to provide engaging mathematical learning experiences for their students.

MyMaths is an online maths tool designed to help students learn their basic mathematical concepts. It provides a visual representation of the concept being taught, allowing students to understand the concept better by seeing it visually. This helps them to retain information better as well. It also allows teachers to assess student understanding at different stages of the lesson. Teachers can create lesson plans using MyMaths and then share these lesson plans with other teachers or students. Students can access these lessons through the website, or on iOS and Android devices.

MyMaths is a complete system that is used by teachers, parents and students that seek a fun, easy and effective way to learn mathematics. It is ideal for all ages and abilities, whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your knowledge.