We help schools develop independent, lifelong learners.

We enable educators to get the best out of their pupils by developing resources that enable children to think their way through the curriculum. Our learning toolkit provides teachers with the tools and skills they need to achieve their educational goals.

Find out how this metacognitive approach enhances comprehension, writing and memory.

Metacognitive Mind
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Develop metacognition with Structural Learning

Take classroom learning to the next level

Find out how our metacognitive resources remove barriers to learning and add extra challenge to the curriculum.

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How we can support your school

The Universal Thinking Framework
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Learning Toolkit

Gain access to a generous suite of resources that will take your curriculum delivery to the next level. The support package is designed to give your students the tools they need to become successful, life-long learners.

Use Writer's Block to advance comprehension

Writer's Block

This engaging classroom strategy enhances the cognition and communication needed to become a confident writer. The popular block-building methodology has been shown to improve literacy outcomes in pupils of all ages.

Learning blocks in the classroom
Metacognitive conversations about learning
Staff Professional Development sessions

Teacher Workshops

Get to grips with key evidence-informed learning principles. We offer a variety of professional learning options.

What's your classroom priority?

Our resources address multiple learning agendas

Learner Passivity

A general apathy seems to prevail with specific cohorts of children. They're not curious and avoid any intellectual challenge.

Critical Thinking
Lack of independence

Learners have difficulty getting started, creating plans and being reflective. You feel that you are constantly 'spoon feeding'.

Gaps in Attainment

Comprehension difficulties make accessing subject matter difficult. Problems arise when trying to use and explain new knowledge.

Develop metacognition with Structural Learning

Are your class really engaged in the learning process?

Are you concerned about classroom passivity? Are your pupils engaged in their work? Use this free tool to assess how your classrooms are functioning.

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Paul Main
Paul Main, Creator

This new approach to learning, rooted in cognitive science, will enable your pupils to engage with the curriculum and express themselves more effectively. I encourage you to think about how the concepts on this site could support the priority groups in your school. Adopting the framework and the block building toolkits could be a step in the right direction.

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What do the experts say about us?

Download our 2023 impact report to find out what education leaders say about us.

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Structural learning introduction

"Engagement levels and marks in the longer written responses have both improved."

Heather Garland, Biology, St John Plessington
Structural LearningStructural LearningStructural LearningStructural Learning

"‘An amazingly effective and flexible process being grasped by schools for its genius and simplicity’."

Monmouthshire Primary School
Structural LearningStructural LearningStructural LearningStructural Learning

"Results clearly show a higher percentage of childrens progress being recorded as 'Better Than Expected'."

Rob Francksen, Head Teacher, Crawford's CEVC Primary School
Structural LearningStructural LearningStructural LearningStructural Learning

What do teachers think?

Over the last few months we have begun working with several Multi Academy Trusts including:

- Anglian Gateway
- The LETTA Trust

Read our latest articles to find out more about the principles.

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