Who's behind all of this?

On this short journey I have built some great relationships and have received some powerful endorsements.

Meet the founder


This project is centred around the belief that we can all get better at learning. The brain haemorrhage I suffered changed the way I think about how our minds work. As well as being wonderfully creative, the brain can also be fragile. By embracing cognitive science and child development research, we can really make a difference to educational outcomes.

When I am not involved in this project you will find me developing girls football or drumming.

Paul Main

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Professional Skills

Cognitive Science
Information Architecture
Resource Design
Web Design
Film Making
Project Management
Unicorn Farming

Creative Tools


Our supporters and partners

Getting an Education Start-Up off the Ground takes a lot of effort. The organisations below have played a pivotal part in making this happen.

The Young Foundation

The Young Foundation have backed us with a package of support and investment. Their help came at an important time.

University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire's research has enabled us to understand how Structural Learning affects the Learning Process.


The UCL's EDUCATE program enables Edtech companies to design and deliver world-class products to Schools.

Achievement for all

AFA make social mobility real and improve the lives of disadvantaged, vulnerable and underachieving children and young people.


UBS support organisations who tackle inequality in education. Their mentoring scheme helps start-ups 'hit the ground' running.

Your Organisation

If you think your organisation has synergy and we can add value to one another then please do get in contact.

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