Deeper Learning Outcomes

Paul Main

How can teachers help students think logically and creatively about curriculum content?

The more effectively a child can think about something, the deeper their learning outcomes will be. As educators, our job is to help students think about curriculum content in productive ways. The greater the depth of cognitive processing, the stronger the memory trace. 

"Memory is the residue of thought" Daniel Willingham.

Is it then possible to teach students to become better at thinking? If we can help children understand the nuts and bolts of how they think and learn then we should be enabling them to engage more fully with the curriculum. The Universal Thinking Framework provides teachers with a rich repertoire of learning actions. These actions are then sequenced together to create 'cognitive stepping stones'. What this means is that no one gets left behind and everyone comes on the learning journey with you. Think of it as an insurance policy for your students 'getting it'.

The poster below is the designed to remind us of the different ways we can get students to 'act on' the content of the lesson.

Download, print and enjoy.

Deeper Thinking strategies
Deeper thinking strategies