Cognitive Scaffolding

Extra Support For
Educational Needs

The classroom kits have a particular significance for certain learning needs including; Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and General Working Memory Problems.

Paul Main

"It's difficult to understand the cognitive and psychological implications of memory problems"

The brain haemorrhage I suffered in 2014 gave me the ultimate insight into the true nature of working memory problems.

Most classrooms have learners who could really do with some extra scaffolding. At Structural Learning, we want to help those pupils who need that support to reach their potential. Please do contact us with your specific requests.

AMY Roberts, Hinderton Special School, Cheshire

Writing a Recount

"We used the bricks for planning a recount of the children's weekend. The pupils independently talked through their news which they usually find very difficult, even the lower level pupils were able to sequence their ideas on their own which was fantastic! I’m looking forward to continue working with the bricks next year, I am sure my new class will respond well to using them."

familiar Educational Issues that Structural Learning addresses

The children's thoughts are a bit of a muddle and their ideas are rarely ordered logically.

The bricks help learners structure their ideas in a cohesive manner acting as a visual prompt for clearer thinking.

Some pupils find writing laborious and develop at a much slower rate than their peers.

Pupils can develop their language skills by learning how to structure words, build sentences and plan extended writing. The colourful and spatial nature of the bricks helps learners spot patterns.

The ‘Big Idea’ often goes unnoticed.

Bringing the key ideas into the foreground and allowing the children to make their own conceptual connections will facilitate a deeper level of understanding.

Our students don’t like making mistakes.

The design of the bricks and whiteboards means that students are free to iterate in response to constructive feedback.

Some learners simply do not engage with the key ideas of the lesson.

Structural Learning improves the intellectual engagement a student  makes with the lesson content.

Some of our students simply do not know where to start.

Structural Learning helps teachers break activities into bite-size chunks and manageable processes.

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