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Make Number Concepts Visual and Concrete

Use the block building toolkits to engage your learners in Maths. The manipulative nature of the bricks means that learners are free to experiment and 'play' with new ideas. Make it visual, make it fun.

Abstract to concrete number concepts

These ideas will help you create lessons which are both visual and playful. Treat each PDF as an idea that can be built upon (literally).

Repeating Patterns

Create interesting patterns using colour and number.


Use the kits to build an understanding of ratio.

Multiplication Vocabulary

Highlight the ways multiplication can be conveyed.

Multiplication and Ratio

Use the bricks to visualise a number problem.


Annotate on the bricks to demonstrate fractions.

Rounding Numbers

Use number lines to explain the concept of rounding.

Place Value

Arrange the coloured bricks to represent place value.

Number Towers

Get creative and develop towers of an equivalent value.

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

Albert Einstein