Teaching from Home? We have you covered.

unleash their creativity.

Our Block Building method makes the home learning experience engaging and creative. Designed to compliment your schools current provision, they make academic tasks manageable and easier to understand (your children will like them too).

An organised mind is an effective mind

Educating from home? You are doing just great.

Thistrategy transforms academic tasks into captivating problem-solving activities. This easy-to-grasp concept begins with the principle of breaking learning tasks into bite-size chunks. Children can then organise and connect the chunks into meaningful structures such as sentences, plans or mind maps. This process helps children understand and remember new ideas. Voila! 👏

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Structural Learning
conjunctions can be fun, Really?

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

The new home kits help your children organise words and communicate their understanding. Use it for blending sounds, building sentences and planning texts.

Make the big idea stick!

Comprehension through play

Help your child understand the world around them by building models together. The kits are perfect for building timelines, making comparisons and facilitating sorting activities.

Structural Learning
Structural Learning
Number Concepts

Creative approaches to number work

If you start a number task by making it concrete and visual, you're on the right track. Many Mathematical programs are based on this very idea and the bricks are a perfect tool for the job. Learn together and with confidence.

What's in the box?

Your new home kit

Our classroom kits have been stripped back to smaller individual boxes for home.


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Structural Learning

How exactly can we use this at home?

Visit our new learning centre to see how the kits can be used alongside your schools home learning provision.

Structural Learning

Three reasons to use the kits at home

Hands on, Minds on

Your children can think with their hands and discover what works (for themselves). The bricks can be moved and the whiteboards wiped clean. Go on, have a go.

Structural Learning
Talking is good

Talking shapes the way we think. Give your children space to express verbally what they think before they write. Practice makes progress.

Structural Learning
Too much screen time

Play is a child’s work and their way of understanding the world around them. Provide active time away from passive digital consumption.

Structural Learning