Rethink how learning happens.

Turning research into effective classroom practice is not a straightforward task. Our process makes this manageable and engaging for your staff.

We are inviting interested Schools, Trusts and Alliances to engage in an R&D Program that puts the process of learning under the microscope.

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Interested in Research evidence? Let us run your lesson study and CPD program

Our resources and programs transform the professional learning process into a fascinating journey of evidence informed change.

1. Engaging [and manageable] program that fits into twilights.

R&D Proposal

This Proposal dives into the project in a little more detail.

2. Accessible Resources

Well organised and easy to understand evidence

Changing the format of evidence for easier access.

3. Easy-to-follow Format

Well-designed teacher resources.

Step-by-step instructions displayed visually.

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FAQ's for busy school leaders

What is it?

Utilising robust evidence, teaching staff design and deliver classroom activities based on their learners needs. The Research and Development program is delivered in bite-size chunks and seamlessly integrates into a busy school day.

Why Research?

Teaching is becoming an evidenced informed profession. We are swamped with new studies and trials but it's not always clear about what it means. We help you unravel the complexity into actionable steps.

What year groups is this for?

We have users from EYFS all the way up to KS5. The strategy is a highly versatile medium that can be adapted and applied across concepts, topics and age groups.

How much does this cost?

It depends upon the size of the project. We have the cost of resources and time to cover but we can essentially build a project around any budget. Please talk to us for a quote.

How is it delivered?

Between 3 and 4 twilight/half day sessions and optional classroom support days. The program encourages classroom practitioners to collaborate with their colleagues with the intention of developing an authentic dialogue around learning and teaching.

What support is available?

An R&D launch meeting gives staff an opportunity to 'play' with ideas and find out about new research. The teachers research journal simplifies the action research approach into digestible steps.

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Research into Practice

Due to workload pressures, professional learning is often placed low down our list of priorities.

Our research into practice program helps staff engage with evidence that has purpose.

Talk to us about running this in your school.


Arrange a time to talk

If you're curious about this approach and want to find out a little more before you make any decisions then give us a call. If you prefer, you can send an email to: