Improving writing skills

Better Thinking,
Better Writing

Our brick building methodology can be used to develop writing abilities on a Word, Sentence or Text Level.

Developing writing skills

Exposing children to the underlying patterns of language significantly helps them grasp those crucial writing concepts.

combining Sounds to create words

Blending morphemes, spotting patterns and developing guideposts for spelling decisions.

Joining words to form sentences

Using the kits grammatically for building and combining sentences.

linking ideas to create plans

Organising ideas to create logical writing plans.

What are the implications for literacy?

For all writing levels

These initial ideas will help your pupils get creative with language. More resources can be found on the resources page.

Word Level

Blending Sounds to Create Words

A Playful approach to word building .

Sentence Level

Connecting Words to Create Sentences

Develop Grammatical Concepts by exploring language rules.

Text Level

Joining Ideas to Create Writing Plans

Use the bricks to sequence ideas into a logical order.