Staff Training:
Support for your school

We offer different levels of engagement depending on your school's
circumstances. We understand that schools are busy places with
competing agendas and for this reason we have created a range of
different options and ideas.

We are Intrigued...

Taster Session

For Schools, Trusts and TSA's who are intrigued but need to know more before further engagement. Give staff an opportunity to:

- Explore the Current Research around Metacognition, Critical Thinking and Literacy.
- Try out the brick-building and framework.

We are onboard!

Support and Coaching

For schools who have invested in resources and are dedicated to getting the maximum value for their pupils.

Themed Days: STEM, Literacy, Maths etc.
Twilight Professional Learning Meetings.
Planning Resources and Support Materials.

We want to engage in research.

Professional Practice Program

The principles behind this methodology resonate with your school and your staff are keen to engage in a fascinating and digestible R&D Project aligned to your priorities.

- Enhance classroom practice.
- Effective and Engaging CPD that Focuses on the very essence of learning.
- Monitor the impact of the tools and strategies in the classroom.

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Partnership Opportunities

We like working with new people and recognise the value that other organisations can play. We are open to suggestions and have created some collaboration options.

Host an R&D Project in your area

Partner with us and host a research and development Program in your area for schools that you know.


We are always looking for organisations where there is a clear synergy. If you think we could be a good match then please talk to us.

affiilate program

We are launching an affiliate program for organisations that share the same values as us. Is that you? It's always good to talk to new people!

from the founder

Better tools for teachers

"Education is moving towards an evidence-informed profession but there are still many barriers in the way. We are trying to develop a way of working that engages both students and teachers in effective practices that have lasting impact.

This project has had a great start but we can only write the next chapter with your involvement."

Paul main