Concrete scaffolding for the cognitively demanding tasks

Organised Minds and
Clearer Thinking

Adolescence is a period of time when the demands on our mind can really test us. Having a scaffold that can help us grasp those critical concepts and ease the pressure on our working memory can have a positive and lasting academic impact.

Curriculum Applications

A cross-curricular scaffold to help students arrive at a greater depth of understanding

Developing students metacognitive awareness at secondary school helps build independence.

The Structural Learning approach demystifies the learning process and helps students break down complex tasks into manageable chunks.

Essay Planning @
St John Plessington
Biology revision@ st John Plessington
examining different perspectives @
St Marys
Planning for Thinking

Design better sequences of learning

The new thinking framework gives educators the tools they need to design better thinking sequences.

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Reading for meaning

The thinking toolkits cause pupils to engage with the text they are reading. Focusing in on the key ideas and vocabulary can unlock the meaning hidden behind dense pages of syntax. This explanation covers the process.

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