Developing Deeper, Lasting knowledge

better Thinking
Better Comprehension

Structural Learning helps students organise information, make connections and think critically. This improves comprehension of the key concepts that your learners need to grasp.

Curriculum Applications

Building Conceptual Understanding

Structural Learning helps children 'uncomplicate' abstract ideas and make sense of the world around them.

This PDF provides an overview of some of the key questions that the classroom kits can be used to explore.

reading comprehension

All knowledge has a structure. These structures are made up of connected ideas that form concepts. Timelines, Hierarchies and Causational Relationships are easier to understand if we focus on how it 'fits together'. If we visualise, connect and elaborate on the key points we are in a good position to understand 'The Big Picture'.

Thinking visually

Being able to see our thoughts considerably helps us develop and communicate our understanding.

Thinking together

Using spoken language helps to mediate thinking, deepening our comprehension of new ideas.

download the infographic to see how Structural Learning promotes 'big picture' thinking.

Understanding Critical Concepts

Structural Learning causes pupils to engage with the key ideas you are exploring in class. Focusing in on the key concepts and vocabulary can unlock the meaning hidden behind dense pages of syntax.

Planning for Thinking

Make sure your class are engaged and actively thinking

This new concept helps your staff create purposeful cognitive sequences that lead to critical and creative thinking.

Download this example of a lesson on the Romans.

Building our way to better comprehension

Critical Thinking Across The Curriculum

Scientific Categorising Exercises

Scientific Categorising Exercises

Timelines in History.

Causal Relationships in Geography

Ranking Activities in RE

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