The building bricks of knowledge.

Hands on, Minds on.

Find out what this method means for comprehension.

Curriculum Applications

Building Conceptual Understanding

The brick building methodology helps children 'uncomplicate' abstract ideas and make sense of the world around them.

This PDF provides an overview of some of the key questions that the classroom kits can be used to explore.

What areas of the curriculum would the bricks enhance?

You can use the toolkits to deliver your current curriculum, it's not 'another lesson or project'. Our goal is to promote thinking and to improve learning outcomes.

Deeper comprehension

All knowledge has a structure. These structures are made up of connected ideas that form concepts. Timelines, Hierarchies and Causational Relationships are easier to understand if we focus on how it 'fits together'. If we visualise, connect and elaborate on the key points we are in a good position to understand 'The Big Picture'.

Thinking visually

Being able to see our thoughts considerably helps us develop and communicate our understanding.

Thinking together

Using spoken language helps to mediate thinking, deepening our comprehension of new ideas.

download the infographic to see how 'Brickifying' promotes big picture thinking.

Building our way to better comprehension

Critical Thinking Across The Curriculum

Scientific Categorising Exercises

Scientific Categorising Exercises

Timelines in History.

Causal Relationships in Geography

Ranking Activities in RE

What's in the box?

Your New thinking toolkit

We have developed a new set of tools to help users organise, connect and manipulate information.

Thinking Bricks

The bricks are designed to hold information, one piece per brick. They can be connected horizontally and vertically.

Miniature Whiteboards

These reusable cards are for 'parking' key ideas. They slot neatly into the bricks.


The new pens are fitted with an eraser for easier and more accurate editing.